Presentation of your business

In the metaverse, businesses can create a unique, immersive digital environment that effectively encapsulates their brand identity. It provides an engaging platform for showcasing products or services, interacting with customers in real-time, and standing out in the digital landscape.

Available from any device

One of the key advantages of the metaverse is its accessibility. Users can access the metaverse from any device - be it a smartphone, desktop, or VR headset. This flexibility allows for a wider audience reach and offers users the convenience to explore the virtual world anytime, anywhere.

Seemless desktop login

Our metaverse provides a seamless desktop login experience, making it easy for users to enter the virtual world. This ease of access enhances user experience, reduces barriers to entry, and encourages more frequent and longer visits.

Interactive visual experience is more memorable

The metaverse offers an interactive visual experience that is far more memorable than traditional digital experiences. It engages users in a multi-sensory journey, fostering emotional connections and enhancing recall. This interactive engagement can significantly boost brand recognition and loyalty.


Video, Audio and Text Chats

Communication is at the heart of our custom metaverse. Users can engage in video, audio, and text chats, making it easy to collaborate, share ideas, or simply socialize within the virtual world. This multi-modal communication enhances the sense of community and engagement. 


Our custom metaverse allows you to broadcast your screen within the virtual environment. This feature is ideal for presentations, demonstrations, or sharing content in real-time with other users in the metaverse, fostering a highly interactive experience.

Exhibit and sell digital or physical items

Our custom metaverse offers a unique platform for commerce. Businesses can sell digital or physical items in the virtual world, creating an immersive shopping experience that goes beyond traditional e-commerce. This feature opens up new avenues for revenue and customer interaction. Connect your crypto wallet and start selling NFTs right away.

Spatial currency and your own world currency

In our metaverse, we utilize Spatial Currency as a form of digital currency. This allows users to engage in transactions within the metaverse, such as buying digital goods or services. Spatial Currency adds another layer of interactivity and functionality to the metaverse, providing a seamless and integrated method for commerce.

In addition to Spatial Currency, we also offer the option to create your own internal currency within your custom world. This bespoke currency can be used exclusively within your metaverse, fostering a unique economy tailored to your world's specific needs and objectives. This could be particularly useful for businesses looking to create specific incentives, rewards, or transaction systems within their metaverse. Having your own world internal currency allows you to have greater control over the economy of your metaverse, adding another layer of customization to your world.

Custom Quests

Our custom metaverse supports the creation of custom quests, providing an engaging way to entertain and interact with users. These quests can be tailored to your business needs and can serve various purposes, from product discovery to team-building activities.

Custom logic and physics

With custom logic and physics, our metaverse offers a highly customizable environment that can mimic real-world physics or create entirely new rules. This flexibility allows for a unique user experience, whether it's for a game, an art installation, or a virtual event.

Need for speed

Our custom metaverse can include a racing component, complete with custom cars tailored to your specifications. This feature adds an extra layer of entertainment and competition to your virtual world, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.

All metaverses are built in Unity on Spatial platform

All our metaverses are built using Unity on the Spatial platform, ensuring a robust, high-quality virtual experience. These powerful tools allow for high levels of customization, scalability, and interoperability, ensuring your metaverse can grow and evolve with your needs.


You fill a brief and get to choose 1 of 3 concepts

The first step in our process involves you filling out a brief to provide us with your requirements and preferences. Based on this, we will develop three unique concept proposals for your metaverse. You get to choose the one that best aligns with your vision, giving you control over the direction of the project from the very beginning.


We create a world and then tuning it to your needs

Once a concept is chosen, our team will then set to work on creating your custom metaverse. We craft a virtual world that embodies your chosen concept, ensuring it meets the specifications provided in the brief. After the initial creation, we will then fine-tune and adjust it according to your feedback, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your needs and expectations. Our goal is to deliver a metaverse that not only meets but exceeds your vision.

The world is yours forever

When a custom metaverse is finished, it becomes your digital property forever. You have complete control over your world, able to shape it according to your evolving needs, preferences, and goals.

The world is updatable and expandable

Our metaverses are designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. You can regularly update and expand your world, allowing it to grow with your business or community. Whether it's adding new features, environments, or adjusting to the latest technology, your metaverse can adapt and evolve. Extra charges apply, subscription is coming.

Frequent updates to the platfrom

The Spatial platform is continuously evolving. As such, there will be frequent updates to ensure the platform stays on the cutting edge, providing you with the latest features and improvements.


Space limits

While the metaverse offers vast possibilities, it is subject to certain technical constraints. However, we strive to maximize the potential within these limits, creating expansive, immersive environments that deliver a fulfilling experience.

User limit

While a single instance of a metaverse can host up to 50 users simultaneously, our platform is designed to accommodate larger gatherings. If more than 50 users are present, the system automatically creates duplicate worlds to handle the excess, up to a maximum of 10 worlds. This means we can support up to 500 users at any given time. However, it's important to note that while these duplicates provide additional capacity, they operate as separate instances. As such, features like screencasting are not synchronized between them, meaning each world provides a unique experience for its inhabitants.

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