My name is Anna Fisoon and I am an artist.

 I am a versatile artist, passionate about crafting mesmerizing metaverses as a unique art form. My creative endeavors encompass a diverse range of skills, including the creation of captivating digital artworks, designing alluring window displays and set layouts, and producing portraits of cyborgs, robots, and humans with the aid of artificial intelligence.

As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the infinite beauty and complexity of the natural world. I see the
the world through the prism of futuristic images, and my work is an exploration of the fractal essence of the
Through my art, I seek to capture the intricate patterns and structures that exist at all scales, from the
smallest subatomic particles to the vast expansion of the cosmos. I believe that these patterns and
structures hold the key to understanding the fundamental nature of reality, and my work is an attempt to
bring this understanding to the forefront of our collective consciousness.
My art is a celebration of the boundless potential of the universe, and a tribute to the mysteries that still lie
at the heart of our existence.

I worked at a renowned shopping center with luxury brands for several years, specializing in creating displays, decorations, art installations, and seasonal setups.

NFT collections created using AI are exclusively available on OpenSea